All baby books come with a set of standard pages. They are: Quotation, Family Tree, Letter from Mom and Dad, Hand and Footprints, Birth Certificate, Growth Charts and Memorable Firsts. This leaves 48 blank pages for pictures. If you'd like to order a custom baby book please contact Pen & Hand for pricing and customization options.

The Watts

This baby book is made with Rives BFK paper (nice and thick!) and all the content is hand drawn and hand lettered. The square back binding allows for lots of extra pages for pictures, and is great for record keeping. This book was made with custom book cloth for a personal touch.

The Fredericksens

The Fredericksen's had older children that they wanted to be a part of this new beginning. In addition to the standard pages, we included pages for the older siblings so they could participate in recording adventures with their new sibling. The Fredericksen's love the outdoors and being on the water (they live on a lake) so the goal was to really personalize this book for them. There is also an expanded spine, so the book can grown as pictures and memories were added.

The MacArthers

The MacArthers wanted to do a jungle theme for their first born, and they also wanted to keep the baby's gender a secret. The illustrations on the inside are based off the front cover, but I wanted some variation in the designs to show different elephants. This is another book made with custom bookcloth, and the silk ribbon gives the cover just a touch of contrast.