Logos, envelope addressing, one of a kind prints or other accessories, Pen & Hand will make sure your product is unique to you. The process starts with a pencil sketch and will develop into an original or a digital version depending on the product. Pen & Hand uses a wide range of writing tools such as pointed pen/dip pens, brush pens, watercolor, fountain pens and other writing tools.


Pen & Hand's books are all made from scratch starting with a large sheet of paper. The pages are either torn or cut to a predetermined size, then are hand sewn together. This collection of sewn pages is called the text block. The text block is then covered. These hand bound books are great for a variety of uses such as albums, sketchbooks, guestbooks, journals, or everyday notebooks.




Pen & Hand's other products are made using different processes such as screen printing, wood working, and more. To learn more about a specific project's process please contact Pen & Hand.


Meet Kris

Kris Carlson is the owner/craftswoman behind Pen & Hand. Kris originally hails from the small farming town of Lansing, NY, where she quickly learned an appreciation for hard work and the outdoors. The desire to create has always been a part of her, which led to her to Baltimore, MD to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2007. After four years of intense learning and artistic growth, Kris graduated in 2011 with a BFA in Graphic Design and Studio Concentrations in Book Arts, Printmaking, and Photography.

The knowledge she gained at MICA led to jobs in Graphic Design, Bookbinding and Letterpress, but Kris often felt something was missing. She needed something that allowed her to do it all! That's when she decided to start her own business. Pen & Hand is the outlet where Kris can use all of her skills to create truly unique handmade goods.